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Version 2009A

Welcome to bgLog, the graphical backgammon engine behind the the app FlashBack: Backgammon Flash Cards, Ray Kershaw's book Backgammon Funfair (now in its third edition!), Simon Hill's book Backgammon for Losers, Chris Bray's Backgammon in the Wind, Backgammon - the Final Wind and Position of the Day, the UK Backgammon Federation, the website Othello's Quiz, Michy Kageyama's latest book Endgame Technique as well as his Double Tiger page and the Graphical Newsreader.

bgLog creates customized backgammon board images. Enter a position manually using an intuitive visual interface, or simply paste in an XG or gnuBG ID. Choose a graphic preset, or create your own: bgLog gives you precise control over nineteen independent color fields, animation-speed, 3d-effects, text-shadows, checker-stacking style, point-number style, score-format style, up to four doubling cubes and more. You can even have the cube start on 1 instead of 64.

bgLog also lets you transcribe matches which can then be mailed to you or copied directly into eXtreme Gammon or gnuBG for analysis.

bgLog brings backgammon graphics into the digital age. Ideal for books, magazines, newsgroups, forums, web sites, and apps.

bgLog can be integrated with your backgammon project, whether it's print or digital publishing, to provide static or dynamic backgammon diagrams themed to your requirements.

bgLog is the successor to GABBI (Generate A Backgammon Board Interactively), a similar program using older server-side technology.

Contact the author here.

Version 1508B (August 2015) - Release notes

Print quality diagrams can now be created. A new button "Snapshot (print)" is available via the Edit menu.

Performance improvements and minor bug fixes.

Version 1502A (February 2015) - Release notes

Enough has changed in this version to warrant a few notes.

Multi cube support. Up to 4 cubes can now be displayed via Edit->Cube settings->Number of cubes. The cubes are placed at the side of the board, requiring the board to be redrawn. This takes some time so be patient. Position and value of the cubes can be set via each cube's "settings" menu under Edit->Cube settings. Clicking on the individual cubes provides a shortcut to change their value.

Input validation. XG and GNU ids are now validated on input. If you get validation errors when you think you shouldn't (or vice versa), please send me the ID so I can fix.

Record/Edit integration. You can now swap between Record and Edit. Recording is paused while editing. Only the board can be edited if recording is in progress. If the board position is changed, the match may not be able to be analyzed by XG or GNUbg. A note is added to the match log if the match is edited during recording.

Cancel recording. If you wish to abort recording, clicking the Record button will offer a Cancel option. The match log will be deleted.

Button icons now provide an indication of state. By default, bgLog is in the Edit state - a dark disk appears under the Edit button icon. When recording the disk "moves" to the Record button icon. The Record icon will change to a pause icon if editing is required during a recording.

Match logs. Match logs can now be emailed. Also, match logs and settings listings are shown in a new browser window rather than a popup. This resolves many formatting and scrolling issues and simplifies the process of saving your match log. There is a new option to show the match log while recording.

API. bgLog has been split into two, with the core functions separated in order to offer a slimmed down API (Application Programming Interface), which makes integration with other projects much easier. It offers the backgammon webmaster a quick and easy way to integrate bgLog functionality into their site or app, giving users access to a much richer, interactive, animated backgammon experience. Just like FlashBack :-). The API will be published soon, but contact me if you're interested in working with bgLog in your project.

Mobile support is better but not perfect. Mobile devices DO NOT like shadows or other "3D" effects. Turn these off during recording for much improved performance.

Many minor bug fixes, including fixing the freeze problem while resizing the browser window.

Please let me know what you think of bgLog, good or bad, so it can keep on improving.

Thanks, Simon Woodhead. Gold Coast Australia, April 2015

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